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4 Secrets To Design A Great Web Form

4 Secrets To Design A Great Web Form

4 Secrets To Design A Great Web Form

Almost every website on the web include some or other type of web forms that compel its visitors to take an action or submit a response. It can be in any format, from simple email address subscription to sign up for a newsletter or apply for an online course to full payment collection form. To actually invoke a user to take a specific action, its important that a web form should be clutter free, relevant, easy to use and understand.

With web trends evolving a lot, form designs and layouts are also changing. Though the previous web trends supported full fledged forms that included multiple columns, the best practice nowadays is keeping it as simple as possible. A form is considered good, only if it is scannable, doesn’t ask for irrelevant info and includes smart labeling that helps in filling out the forms correctly.

Few ways to design a form that users can’t resist filling are:

  1. It should be easy to read: Users scan out the websites to see, if they are able to get the relevant content they are looking for. This makes them decide whether they should fill the form related to a service you are providing or not. Its important that the forms embedded within a site should be clean and easy to read. They should provide a clear cut information about what the form is for and how to submit it.
  2. Include floating labels: Most of the forms use hinted texts that should be filled inside a particular text field. Though they are helpful to make a user understand what the field is for, problem arises when they don’t go off with a click. If you really think that you need to use hints, consider an effective solution i.e floating labels. By using these labels, one can include an information inside a form field, but it this text usually shifts up once a user hovers over or clicks into the particular field.
  3. Design keyboard friendly forms: A web developer has to develop a form keeping in view about all types of access sources, I.e mobiles, laptops and tablets. A form should be easy to fill on all these devices. If you are designing a desktop form, include a feature of advancing automatically to other field, once the previous one is filled. Its better to use responsive forms that can be easily and effectively accessed from every device.
  4. Opt for vertical formats: Forms that are created in a vertical format are easier to fill and scan compared to the multiple column formats. Make sure that all the form fields can fit the screen size without needing to scroll from top to bottom. If you are designing a shorter form like email subscription, follow the side by side columns with a concise call to action button. Moreover, order the elements in a logical manner, like first name should be succeeded by the last name, then email address and so on.
    To make users to fill out a form, its important that you should follow these awesome secrets to form designing. If you want to increase your website conversion by creating a unique website, contact our web designers at Impact Interactive today.

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