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5 biggest mistakes to avoid in e-commerce web design

5 biggest mistakes to avoid in e-commerce web design

If you are looking to increase the sales of your product exponentially then selling them online is a great option. The store which you would be setting up virtually is going to be open for purchases all the time. The website would be open to global customers and get their support without investing much. Moreover, you need not make any sales calls, emails, or even get sales representatives to make business for you.

5 biggest mistakes to avoid in e-commerce web design

But there is a flip side to it. If you are not considering these factors before creating a website for yourself, then the results would not be as you wish them to be. Several mistakes could be done by you when you create a website. This is where this guide would help you to identify those mistakes which you would be making while getting an eCommerce website. Continue reading below to know the 5 mistakes which people make while creating an eCommerce website and how you could solve those mistakes.

1. Poor navigation and slow loading

If you want to make your eCommerce website a huge success, then make sure that it is user-friendly. The websites have evolved a lot and with this evolution, the websites are providing new features for the website audience. This navigation would help you to establish trust between the user and the website. If the user experience is good, the trust of the user for the website would increase to a great extent, and hence, he would be using it often. The websites which have a good user base have made some designs for navigations that have been game-changing for the whole eCommerce website industry. It would be suggested to take inspiration from these tried and trusted navigation designs.

In addition to website navigation, the time needed by a website to load is a major factor that would be contributing to the user experience. A website that takes too much time to load is a time waste for the user and no one wants to waste their time. Hosting servers, speed of the internet, content which you have on the page are some factors that contribute to the speed with which the website loads. But, the major factor which would contribute to the speed is web design. Getting a web design which would be optimized to provide better loading speed is a must for your website.

2. Unclear picture of the product on sale

If the product is not correctly depicted, people coming to buy it won’t be having confidence in it and hence, avoid buying it. There are two ways with which contribute to the unclear depiction of the product, they are,

  • No quality image of the product on sale: The images which your website has for the products you are selling should be of high quality and should be full of details. For getting high-quality images you should hire a professional photographer who might have some experience in product photography.
  • Improper, wrong, or incomplete description of the product: Descriptions are an integral part of your website and if it is incomplete, fuzzy to understand or wrong, it would not be getting the sales it deserved.
3. Unsupportive website design

The web design of your website is the key to your eCommerce website. If the design is unresponsive, the people visiting it would cease coming to it. If the website is rendered unresponsive you are sure to lose more customers than gaining one. Other than this, if the design of the website is such that people find it untrusty, they would not be making any purchases from it. This is where you need expert eCommerce, website developers.

4. Bad reviews

If your website is getting reviews that are against it, you won’t be doing the business you might have wished to do. Social media engagement is a must for getting better reviews. This would increase the trust and authority you wish.

5. No support for the users

However good your website is, if it does not have support for your customers it is going to be as good as dead. Several instances that come up show that customer support is necessary. Get live chat boxes or live customer care support for your website users.

Wrapping up

eCommerce website designing is not as easy as you might be thinking and is highly sensitive. However, with the above-mentioned guide, you would get better at it and get a website that is great for users. Impact Interactive has years of experience that is enough to avoid all mistakes in designing e-commerce websites.

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