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7 Amazing Ideas for Writing Blog Post to Get More Traffic on Your Website

7 Amazing Ideas for Writing Blog Post to Get More Traffic on Your Website

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7 Amazing Ideas for Writing Blog Post to Get More Traffic on Your Website

Are your blog posts not converting as you want them to be?

Here we’re going to look at 7 ways how to write a blog post to boost site traffic.

Most people leave the blog without reading. If your blog can grab the attention in the first few seconds, then you’re a good content marketer.

Target Audience

Before you start writing a blog, guest post, or any other type of content, it’s crucial to identify who your audiences are, and what they are looking for on your website.

Don’t confuse audience needs or wants; try to write data-driven content after thorough industry research and competitor analysis.

Even if it sounds a bit complicated, there are tons of free resources available to help you find the most popular keywords searched by web users related to your industry. You can also find popular keywords in a particular location. Apart from that, there are tools to identify the new strategies used by your competitors for more leads.

Interesting and Unique Headlines

It’s the headline or title that puts the first impression on the user. If it’s compelling, people will read and share. That is why you need to put some time into writing a good title for the piece of content to drive leads.

Some people focus on evoking emotions to get more views. Yes, this is a good strategy to enhance the marketing value of your post.

Viral Content

Everyone is focusing on creating viral content, but most people are unable to do so. That’s because they don’t pay enough attention to the sites that successfully create viral posts, and just focus on different writings day in and day out. There are some secrets that they need to uncover to create viral content for increasing blog traffic.

They need to write great headlines so that people click to read your content. After grabbing the reader’s attention, the article should start with a little bit of storytelling to connect with the audience. Maybe think like them or tease them. Play and amaze your target audience so that they are hooked to the article.

If they are doing it right, they can evoke fear, greed, envy, lust, and other emotions.

Want to take the headlines one step further? Maintain that pace as no one wants to be swindled or tricked after clicking on something. Here, you should have quality, truthful content with real facts and figures so they are tempted to know more about your services and click on CTA.

Posting Frequency

If you really want to increase the traffic, much like a social media post, your blog frequency should be high. Post every day and see how your viewers give an overwhelming to the posts.

There is no defined amount of posts that drive traffic –but you’ll notice a surge in leads when you start posting five blogs a week.

Don’t just straightway; go from one to five a week. Start slowly, adding an extra post, every post. And watch closely, if your traffic reacts and more viewers start streaming. Then, keep on adding interesting content steadily.

Feature Popular Posts

There are many blog platforms that allow users to showcase their most popular posts on the main page. So use this feature to your advantage. Showing off some successful posts on the platform will impress most of the viewers arriving on that website. Eventually, increasing the chances of those web users going through your page, for more information.

Go through your past blogs and find the blog with the most engagement and views. When visitors see these specific posts, they will return to see similar content on your website.


SEO or “Search Engine Optimization is just optimizing your content to rank higher in the search results. It is easy to dip your toes into SEO, just add popular keywords related to your niche to your content.

For example, if you’re writing a blog about pop culture, add “Gigi Hadid”, “Tiger King” or some popular bands names to increase your blog’s visibility. When popular or most searched keywords are added, their chances to be visible in searches on the web, and bring more traffic to your site increases.

Related blogs

There are a number of people who are writing blogs in the same industry. In fact, you can take inspiration from the existing content of other businesses to generate a refined piece of content. If you’re stuck, look into other blogs, guest posts, and websites for inspiration.

You can mould it to create your own popular blog post and link it with the blogs of other established people within the industry. Soon, your creative juice flow increase.


To get more traffic, creating and maintaining a successful blog is the only organic way. But don’t let those initial feelings of work you need to put in, strain you; it gets easier over time and there’s fine-tuning when traffic increases. All in all, the more you put in writing and promoting your blog posts, the more views you’ll receive! ImpactInteractive provides blogs to showcase your services and generate traffic.

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