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9 Must-Have Elements On Your Homepage

9 Must-Have Elements On Your Homepage

Undoubtedly, different kinds of websites have distinct purposes depending on their products and services. Some sites are designed to deliver essential information, while others are purely based on developing business. But, most of the business websites are designed with the purpose of:

  • Get found
  • Build credibility
  • Inform or instruct others
  • Cultivate
  • Convert
  • Long-lasting customer relationship
  • Improve revenue

9 Must-Have Elements On Your Homepage

To achieve these all, you have to make your website homepage interactive, eye-catchy, informative, engaging and put everything that can convert users. This is because the homepage is the first expression of your website, and the first impression is the last impression.

To make your website homepage unique, here are listed the must-have elements to put on your website homepage.

  • Headline & Sub-Headline
    • Keep your website headlines and sub-headlines clear, catchy and straightforward.
    • Use the larger fonts of at least 22 px to make your headlines optimized on mobile to get better user experience.
  • Use Of Promising Words

    Put the words on your website that demonstrate what you understand about your visitors and their challenges. Make them sure that you are one stop solution for their problems by including the promise and sub-promise text that establish your trust and credibility.

  • Primary & Secondary CTAs

    Top-of-the-funnel is primary, and bottom-of-the-funnel is the secondary CTA on your home page. The CTA that displays on the top is likely to increase the conversion. The primary CTA will be like you want the visitors to subscribe to your blog or connect with you for purchasing products and services. Remember, never include more than 2 CTA on your website homepage.

  • About Images
    • Add HD and original images that build credibility for your business
    • It should not take longer time to load that visitors leave your site
    • Use tools like TinyPNG or PageSpeed Insights for image optimization.
  • Social Proof

    When you include some references, testimonials and case studies that are visible to users, it will end up by building credibility for your business and drive conversion. The reason behind it is that 79% of customers believe in online reviews and testimonial before making a deal.

  • Intuitive Navigation
    • Keep the layout & content of your site homepage well structured.
    • Navigation should be smooth.
    • Build a noticeable navigation menu at the top of the webpage.
    • Conduct user tests to ensure your site navigation is simple, intuitive and visible to visitors.
  • Embedded Video Of Products & Services

    An embedded video of a products or services explainer, customer testimonial and a quick visit to your web-page is a great way to generate content and engage with your audience.

  • Your Key Features

    Put your products demo, core services and features on your website homepage. It provides more info to the site visitors about your business details and helps to improve your website’s SEO.

  • Valuable Content

    Invest in best content marketing strategies to convey your business goals. Let people know everything about your business, but don’t let them get bored.

If you want to accelerate your efficient homepage design strategy with the help of elements mentioned above in an impactful way, we are here for you. At Impact Interactive, our team of experienced web designers and developers in Hamilton focus on creating feature-rich, lead converting, engaging, an impressive and effective homepage for your website.

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