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How Content Audit Is Useful To Improve Your Website Content?

How Content Audit Is Useful To Improve Your Website Content?

When it comes to online marketing, content is king. If you provide vast information to the audience in an engaging way, you will be able to drive maximum users towards your website. So, you have to be careful about maintaining the quality of your content otherwise, you will lose your sales.

How Content Audit Is Useful To Improve Your Website Content?

On the contrary, low-quality content will deliver poor user experience and will not be able to get to the notice of people. To check whether your content can interact with the users or not, you need to perform the content audit.

What Is Content Audit?

A content audit is a way to review all the pages on a website thoroughly. Thus, you will collect the information about each piece of content and find what fits explicitly into your content.

Why Do You Need To Perform Content Audit?

  • With the help of content audit, you can have the data which help you to develop the right content for your site.
  • You can come to know which pages are performing well and which require improvement.
  • Being able to evaluate what kind of content has worked well in the past, you can plan a successful future strategy for your content.
  • You can even measure whether the current strategy is working or not.
  • When it comes to sales conversion point of view, a content audit can provide you with a clear insight into what content is helping to grow your business as it helps to understand the visitors navigates.

All in all, a content audit is necessary to get complete data about the content assets, their usefulness and what you need to put more to make it useful.

How To Perform Content Audit

Although you can do the content audit by yourself alone, there are many tools which are used for a content audit. The major tools are as given below:

  • Screaming Frog

    Screaming Frog can crawl approx 500 URLs and have all the functionality except for being able to save data export. Whenever you run this tool, it can provide you with details like page title, response time, anchor text, meta title & description, major H1 & H2 heading on each page along with word count and more.

  • URL Profiler

    The tool helps to improve the content audit tasks as well as offers fresh raw material for you to be analyzed.

  • Google Analytics

    This one is the most popular tool that is used in SEO to keep the work organized and get a broader view of website content. It helps to provide some information including the page visits, conversion data by page, bounce rate, etc.

    Apart from the tools mentioned above, Copyscape and Siteliner are used to check the uniqueness of the content.

Remember, content is a game changer that can make your less interesting website successful by engagingly interacting with consumers. Whether you go manually or use tools, always pay attention to your content audit.

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