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What is Intuitive UI and How it Improves UX

What is Intuitive UI and How it Improves UX

What is Intuitive UI and How it Improves UX

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the two most important and major parts to build a strong relationship between the client and the site. User Interface helps to figure out the reaction of users towards the website.

It is a general and noted fact that people continuously correlate things within the virtual world to those of the physical world. Once they involve an online interface, they explore for patterns to grasp however bound things work.

  1. Don’t remake patterns: It is a fact that no one likes changes the common patterns. To understand it, you can take an example. The window of your system may look awkward and you may find difficult to use it, after moving the three main buttons maximize, minimize and close to the left side. Maybe people don’t like these changes.
  2. Be steady: When it comes to creating a website, it is crucial that have consistency between web pages. This is a very common thing that people are thrilled to know how things on a website work. If things change continuously from one page to another, it makes users confusion and frustrates them.
  3. Use minimal steps for a task: Creating an account can be exciting for anyone. No one likes to pay an entire minute to form an associate account. That’s why users would like to simply ‘Signup’ method and guarantee the least steps. The reduction of redundant steps is key to engaging and changing guests to permanent visitors.
  4. Use tooltips and integrated help messages: It is an imperative aspect of an intuitive user interface. It may difficult to make a universal user interface. It is good that you have so many visitors on your site. For some of them your UI might be intuitive, some users might disagree. To guide your users, you can use tooltips and integrated help messages. It will help the users while someone is actually using your website.
  5. Less loading time: It is a very common think that if the web pages take too much time to open, there is a huge possibility that the users will not wait for anymore. That’s why it is important do not display heavy images and content to keep users on the website.

A website that has various complications and difficult to understand will never become intuitive. To keep your visitors on your website, make sure your design is intuitive. To know more about intuitive user interface, make a call to Impact Interactive in Hamilton.

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