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Secret tips for Using Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Secret tips for Using Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media network in the world and is, therefore, an incredible platform for advertising. Correctly targeted Facebook advertisements for eCommerce could be extremely helpful for those who run a shopping business.

Secret tips for Using Facebook Ads for eCommerce

If you are not running any Facebook ads currently, there is a fair chance that you are missing out on many opportunities for making money. But fret not as we have made a list of a few secret tips which you can utilize while framing strategies for your Facebook ads:

  • Use Multi-Product Ads

    Multi-product advertisements will let you portray many products all at once on Facebook. With the help of such kind of advertisement, you will be able to:

    • Boost your conversions as more the products a prospective customer sees; higher will be the chances of him/her clicking on the ad.
    • Provide more options for your customers.
    • Showcase different features of your product.

    In fact, some studies indicate that firms experienced an increase of around 300 percent in their CTC (Click-Through-Rates) after they incorporated multi-product advertisements.

  • Use ‘Conversion Tracking Pixel’

    Conversion Tracking Pixel basically is a code that is utilized for tracking down the behaviour of people who pay a visit to your website. It lets you track the conversions you have received from your ongoing advertising campaign. You can use Conversion Tracking Pixels by Facebook as well to enhance your advertising campaigns as well as target the correct audience. In simple words, Conversion Tracking Pixel is an amazing way to utilize Facebook advertisements for eCommerce.

  • Use Re-targeting Campaign

    If it’s been a while that you started your eCommerce business, you might know that the majority of potential customers just end up putting the product in their cart, without actually completing the purchase. So what can you do to have them back to complete the purchase? The answer is simple; make use of a re-targeting campaign. It would be worth your time, money and effort to convince those customers who already are interested in the products you’re selling.

  • Utilize Video Advertisements Whenever You Can

    If you intend on using Facebook advertisements for eCommerce in other ways, then you must know that Facebook gives a lot of priority to video content. This implies that your ads might have increased chances of landing in the right person’s feed if you utilize video. Besides, Facebook plays a video instantly, right when a user scrolls over it. This, in turn, grabs the attention of the user. Isn’t it exactly what you want, to catch the attention of users? Hence, video is one of the perfect ways to utilize Facebook advertisements for eCommerce purposes.

  • Offer a Nice Discount Deal

    This is a must-do measure regardless of what platform you use for your advertisements. However, it’s also very useful as a way to utilize Facebook advertisements for eCommerce. Everyone loves discounts, and a person who isn’t actively searching for the item you sell may just land up buying it solely because of the discount you are offering. You could create ads that highlight your discount offer, mainly.

    Hence, these are some of the secret tips which you could consider when utilizing Facebook advertisements for eCommerce purpose and help give a boost to your business. With the help of these tips, you will be able not just to enhance your chances of receiving more sales but also improve your ROI.

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