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Top 9 Free Online Backlink Analysis Tools For SEO

Top 9 Free Online Backlink Analysis Tools For SEO

When it comes to creating a good link profile, a lot of things come into your mind. Building links without using a perfect tool can be harmful or may not provide good results. Backlink analysis tools are the cornerstone of SEO strategies as it displays all the backlinks that you have gained.

Top 9 Free Online Backlink Analysis Tools For SEO

Backlink strategy can make and break your web-page ranking. Everyone wants to reach at the top of SERPs by using backlinks, implementing a strategy to be stronger than others is necessary. So, here is a list of some top backlink checker or backlink analysis tools:

  • Ahrefs

    Ahrefs comes at the top in the list of the backlink analysis tools. Most of the digital marketing professionals use it for tracking backlinks and keywords. It gives a complete view of what is going throughout the competition. The tool provides a quick search of most accurate data to any link profile.

  • Linkody

    Linkody has given an end to the manual backlink counting and has automated the whole process. For making everything automated, the Linkody has turned out to be popular among users. Additionally, it provides you notifications about the links that are gained or lost as well as spot out the spammy links.

  • Majestic SEO

    When you use the digital marketing professionals, you need to enter the URL into the search box, and it will do the whole work. It provides the key details of:

    • Referring IPs
    • Referring Domains
    • Referring Subnets

    All this will broaden your knowledge where the link profile stands. It especially helps to provide complete and clear information about gaining and losing steam concerning link building strategies.

  • Cognitive SEO

    CognitiveSEO offers a lot of internet marketing tools that help you to take your business ahead. It has the alert system which sets triggers and notifications about websites and its competitors. Using this feature, you will be able to get the information directly to the inbox with details like link velocity, DoFollow or NoFollow links and domain influence.

  • Kerboo

    Kerboo tracks your link and reports whether they are running or going down. It updates the user about the link building and link removal regularly. A prominent reason to use the Kerboo is its feature to compile a list of essential links. Once you have enabled it, the system will check them, and if the link is not resulting in good, then it will notify you. If there is any bad link, Kerboo will remove this and ensure its non-recurrence in the future.

  • SEMrush

    The SEMrush has whopping billions of link, and the number keeps on increasing. The backlink checker tool provides a no-follow and follows clear attributes. By monitoring the ratio, a balance can be maintained by implementing appropriate link building efforts.

    The tool also shows GEO distribution widgets like pie charts, graphs and the world map to find from where the backlinks are generated geographically. One can also view the:

    • IP address of referring domains
    • Links from the domains
    • Country-wise IP distribution
    • Total domains of each IP
    • Top-level domains spread
  • Monitor Backlinks

    As the name shows, the tool helps in monitoring bad links and useful links. Monitor Backlinks is primarily used for exposing the competition. Its unusual feature is, connecting to the Google Analytics account and enable the email alerts when backlinks are lost or earned. It offers updates like:

    • Backlink status checker
    • External link count
    • Referring traffic per backlink
    • Page authority
    • Domain authority
  • SEO PowerSuite

    The SEO PowerSuite tool turns out to be beneficial to get:

    • List of backlinks pointing to a website
    • Link quality factors
    • Anti-penalty audit
    • Backlink reports
  • Backlink Explorer

    Backlink Explorer tool is one of the efficient tools to get a quick view of backlinks pointing to a domain and to get expected info about competitor’s backlinks. Having more links refer to the better website’s domain authority than that of other’s sites. Backlink Explorer provides the data based on the below parameters:

    • URL flow metrics
    • Visibility
    • Domain flow metrics
    • Type of link

In SEO, backlink checker or analysis tools play a decisive role in determining your website ranking. Assessing the quality of backlinks is a vital part of search engine optimization. So, make sure to use the suitable backlink analysis tool either take the help of professionals for a better result.

At Impact Interactive, our team of professionals is well versed with backlink strategies to increase your website traffic and rank it on the top. So, if you want to know more, reach out us to discuss your requirements.

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