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Want To Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate? Follow These Proven Tips

Want To Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate? Follow These Proven Tips

conversion rate eCommerce websites continue to grow year by year because these are providing maximum comfort to the people with secure online shopping, delivery of products on time and more. Now, expectations for user experience are growing higher than ever.

9 Must-Have Elements On Your Homepage

With the growth of estore, the competition is growing faster. So, you have to put more efforts to improve your eCommerce business. Because your website success comes into play when discussing the conversion rate of your estore, so here are listed some techniques to improve your eCommerce conversion rate.

How To Improve eCommerce Website Conversion Rate

  • Improve Product Image

    Start by improving your product image. It should be of high quality and optimized. Visitors should be able to view the photo clearly when it is zoomed in. High-quality images can slow down the performance of your site. Use the smart image compression and convert the images to a newer format like WebP that ensures easy image optimization.

  • Give Attractive Offer

    The thing what attracts the visitors to become your customer is the offers. Great deals with offers are something that every buyer loves a lot, such as:

    • Free Shipping
    • Discount Offers
    • Buy 1 Get 1
    • Free Bonus with every purchase
    • And more

    If you give these offers with limited time, you will find more traffic to your site. It is an excellent way of promoting your e-Commerce website.

  • Boost Your Site Speed

    The online users abandon your site and start exploring the new one if your website does not open in a few seconds. So, you have to apply the right method for reducing the latency and speed up you estore. For this:

    • Test Your Website’s Speed
    • Optimize Images
    • Reduce HTTP Requests
    • Minify CSS & JavaScript
    • Avoid 301 Redirects
    • Caching
    • Infrastructure
    • Fix 404 Errors
    • Serve Scaled Images
    • Database Optimization

    Among other methods, one thing that eCommerce store owners must do to improve page speed instantly is CDN. It helps to offload your static assets like product images, GIFs, videos, CSS files and more to CDN’s edge servers.

  • Mobile Optimization

    This is one of the common and most important things in digital marketing. Because mobile users have surpassed the number of desktop users, it is necessary to make your eCommerce website accessible on various devices without eliminating its speed and quality.

  • Abandon Cart Emails & Retargeting

    Abandon cart emails work right for the frequent visitors on your site however they have not made any purchase with you yet. Use MailChimp or Klaviyo to send emails to the visitors who abandoned their cart. Moreover, you can offer coupon code in the email to get your customers back with a better deal. Additionally, use the Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to retarget the people who visited your site.

These tactics mentioned above will not only improve user experience but also increase revenue. Follow the simple tips, and if you need professionals’ help, feel free to contact us at Impact Interactive. Ours is a web design and development company in Hamilton. From designing eCommerce site to improving its conversion rate and traffic, our highly talented and experienced team can do anything for you. Call us to fix your appointment with our professionals and get the right solution.

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