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What are the Common Causes Behind a Slow Website

What are the Common Causes Behind a Slow Website

What are the Common Causes Behind a Slow Website

Every web developer is looking for the ways to make website better and load faster. We all know that no one likes to wait a long time for a web page to load. If a single web page takes a too much time to open, generally users click on the back button to go back. May be the user will open a new website instead of yours.

If the website takes more than five second to load, it means you need to improve the speed. To improve the speed, first you need to identify the actual reason of slow loading. Once you identify the reasons, you can fix them easily. Let’s get aware of a few things which are causes of a slow website.

  1. A heavy website: A heavy website is the main reason of slow loading. A heavy website may be very difficult to open because of the heavy images and media. If you have weighty website, there is a chance of your website going down in the rankings. A website with too much content or text will take a lot of time to load. Just avoid a lot of content and keep your site simple.
  2. Non optimized images: You optimize the whole content or other material of your site but forget about images. It can make your site slow. Because sometime images take a lot of time for loading. In such a situation, if you don’t optimize images on your site, it won’t open faster. Non optimized images affect the loading time of site.
  3. So many ads on site: Google Adsense is a great source of extra income but do you know it affects your site. If you have more than two or three ads on a site, loading is going to be slow. If you see your site is slow and these ads do not generate enough money, think of removing them.
  4. Choose wrong file type for image: Never ever save your picture with PNG file type. If you want transparent background, only then choose PNG. Because these types of images take a lot of time due to the big size than JPG file type. One more thing, a content or text based image wastes too much time. So, avoid these types of images to make your site faster.
  5. Many HTTP requests: A lot of HTTP requests can impact your website’s load time. To avoid all these requests, reduce number of images and number of java scripts and CSS files.

Now you get a lot of reason behind a slow website. Avoid all these to make your site faster and your visitors happier. You can check speed of your site through online speed checker tools including WebPage Test and Pingdom.

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