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9 Remarketing Tactics You Should Try in 2019

9 Remarketing Tactics You Should Try in 2019

Remarketing is undoubtedly one of the powerful tools for all online marketers to improve traffic statistics. It makes it easier for an individual to target the visitor by using the perfect advertising network. Remarketing is basically to target those visitors to whom you give cookies through your website landing pages. You target the visitor via custom-tailored ads based on their website activity. These ads follow visitors throughout an advertising network.

9 Remarketing Tactics For A Successful Online Marketer
In the whole process, some best tactics for remarketing are as mentioned below. Each tactic helps you in getting your visitors to lead conversion.

  • Consider What Pages You Are Tagging

    Determining what pages you are tagging is one of the fundamental steps towards a successful remarketing campaign. It is across the board whether you are tagging the AdWords remarketing code, Google Analytics remarketing code or third-party remarketing tool. What landing page you take directly relates to your marketing objectives as the entire ad campaign is set up around these pages.

  • Split Up Your Remarketing Campaigns

    Don’t equally treat your site visitors. Split up your remarketing campaigns will help you to discuss the needs of your customers more directly. Follow, how much time your visitors spend on your site, which and how many pages they explore, the full criteria will help you to know how they are nurturing you in your remarketing process. You must create different CTA for each segmented ad group for various sales funnel success. Keep on monitoring your conversion rates & manage your workflow segment to manage your prospects throughout the deal.

  • Multiple Ads Sizes With Image & Copy

    It is highly suggested to make creative ads for every Google ad network site as per your needs. It will turn out to be beneficial to optimize your creative ads and allow you to follow the visitors better.

  • Bid More On Shopping Cart

    When visitors are interested in your products and services, they used to visit particular landing pages. It includes the lead-generating pages and bounced traffic from shopping carts. When your visitors have left, it is time to keep them reminding to return and continue the healing process. Manage your remarketing bid strategy to spend extra time on your current traffic by improving your ad spend and lowering the frequency capping on lead conversing pages.

  • Bid Less On Homepage & Non-Converting Page Visitors

    You can spend less on bounced traffic from your homepage and non-converting pages. If the visitors are still active in your ‘checking you out’ phase in the sales funnel, then you should make efforts to get them back. Generally, they are not worth your brand. Target your non-converting traffic with the ad campaign to other pages using the soft CTA or providing extensive information.

  • Offer Coupons To Return Visitors

    To return the lost shopping cart visitors to your product page, incentivize them with coupons and discounts. Anyone who visits your online store and clicked through a particular product is likely very interested in purchasing with you. For whatever reason, you lost your customer, use the ideal trick to reach out to them and prevent your sale to lose.

  • Consider Google Remarketing Frequency Capping

    Google remarketing frequency capping is how you set the number of times for your ad display for a day, week or month to the visitors. You will monitor the adds that follow around everywhere. Remember, every advertiser has different requirements for remarketing frequency capping, such as:

    An online retailer who is promoting a limited time coupon will make the ad be seen more frequently and instantly.

    An enterprise company that is building relationships and growing leads will tone down the frequency of ads and place them for a longer-term.

    You must use the analytics to determine the best frequency options keeping your business campaign objectives in your mind.

  • Remarket To Converted Customers

    You must exclude the converted customers from your best practice of remarketing. A customer who has already purchased with you will no longer need to chase online to convert. Tagging your post-conversion landing pages to remarket the converted customers is the best way. For this, you can create a remarketing campaign to retarget your market with a low frequency and for a longer duration.

  • Test

    Make sure to A/B test your remarketing campaign to monitor your conversions, CTRs and views. Following these, you can adjust your budget, images, campaign landing pages, CTA and ad messaging. Testing your ads enable you to increase your ROI without breaking the budgeting bank. Sometimes, the smallest changes to your ads can bring more conversions and increase revenue for your business.

The conclusion is, remarketing is there to help you in improving your brand conversion rates, and get the best return on investment. The remarketing tactics mentioned above can help you from the early stages to the finishing line of establishing a successful campaign or brand.

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