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Why Does Your Website Need to be SSL Certified?

Why Does Your Website Need to be SSL Certified?

We save all kinds of information on our devices and internet browsers; imagine someone getting hold of this information and then misusing it. This can be extremely bad and must be avoided in any circumstance. In order to make sure that none of your website users has to deal with this, you need to use an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate helps in securing the website for public use. You can get to know about the safety of the website by checking whether or not there is a green padlock present in the URL bar. Apart from this, there are a ton of other reasons that help you understand the importance of an SSL certificate for your website.

Why Does Your Website Need to be SSL Certified?

It Helps in Making The Website Secure

We come across two kinds of website name prefix, HTTP and HTTPS. The extra ‘S’ here represents safety and is acquired with the help of the SSL certificate. This certificate helps in preventing all the security breaches on your website. It also encrypts your website with an extra public key feature meant to ensure the safety of your website and all the information as well. The public key helps in encrypting the data that is transferred from the website to the server and vice versa.

Helps in Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Google will automatically put your website in the top-ranking ones if you have an SSL certificate. This is done in order to provide better and safe browsing for the users. This certificate is also one of the parameters that decide the ranking of your website. That is why it is recommended and very important for you to get your website an SSL certificate. There are various people who can help you with the certificate for your website based on the size and type of your website. But make sure to buy the certificate only from a reputed SSL provider.

Will Help in Gaining Customer’s Trust

It is a myth that the SSL certificate is only required for an e-commerce website. Your customer is only going to visit your website if they trust you, and they will not be able to trust you without you providing a safe browsing facility to them. SSL certificate will help you to gain the trust of your customers in order to increase the traffic of your website. Also, the execution of the SSL certificate is extremely easy and not at all expensive.

It Helps in Boosting up Your Website’s Speed

People used to believe that the SSL certificate will make the website run slower. But in fact, the reality is totally opposite, it is known that https will reduce the loading speed of the website and will also help in improving the performance of the website as well. All of this proves extremely useful in increasing the SEO ranking of your website and promotes internet marketing for the same. Also, HTTPS at the beginning of your website ultimately improves the user experience attracting a lot of customers and increasing the website traffic.

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